Frequently Asked Questions

Q: …So what in the Sam hell is Be Here Now?

A: That was a little rude, dude. Tone it down a little.

Q: Okay, but you still didn’t answer my quesiton.

A: I’ll keep from doing so if you keep with the attitude.

Q: Alright, it’s just been a long week.

A: Sorry to hear that.

Q: It’s fine… So what is Be Here Now?

A: That’s better. In short, it’s Muncie’s home for live music. Be Here Now (or BHN, or “the Now” for short) features live music 3-4 nights per week, comedy, open mic and trivia. BHN is the cultural hearth of the music loving BSU community. Meet new friends, enjoy great craft brews and top shelf liquor, some of the best music the midwest has to offer all in a unique and laid back atmosphere at Be Here Now!

Q: But why are you called “Be Here Now”?

A: Well it’s based on a book called Be Here Now. There’s a large banner hanging over one of the stairwells with the cover from the book. You should read it.

Q: Eh, maybe. And who runs the place?

A: Well there’s the actual owner, Whitney, who happens to be a pretty cool guy, but Be Here Now is also brought to you by lovely (& BROKE!) artists and musicians! A bunch of really nice people put in some elbow grease and make things happen around here. It’s pretty great.

Q: Cool. My 17 year old friends and I-

A: Let me stop you right there. BHN is mostly for 18+ only.

Q: But they’re all going to be 18 by next month!

A: Then they can come back next month. Next question.

Q: What’s there to do besides listen to music? What if I just want to hang out?

A: Well let’s see. There’s alcohol (the tasty kind). We have a pool table which is pretty nice. There’s a jukebox. You know, for tunes. Tons of cool seating areas (both inside and outside) if you just want to sit around and be on your phone, I guess. Some people like that, but I don’t get it… Oh, and a FREE, hand-built arcade machine constructed and designed by a local art collective, The Glue & Scissors Society! Super Smash, Mario Kart, Wave Race, etc. It’s super sweet, let me tell you.

Q: Okay, then tell me.

A: What? No, just come play some games on it for yourself. It’s free. And it looks like this:


Q: Looks pretty nice.

A: Thanks!

Q: Well when can I go?

A: We’re usually open 8pm to 2am everyday. Check our Facebook page for changes.

Q: You guys have a Facebook page?

A: Yep! You can go to it by clicking HERE. We also have a Twitter and an Instagram

Q: Swanky.

A: … Is it?

Q: Nah, I was just being nice. I know most businesses say to go to their Facebook page, but then they don’t update it and it just sits there.

A: Well we’re not most businesses.

Q: I see.

A: Yea.

Q: Well what if a band wants to book some stage time at your venue?

A: You’ll find answers for that on our Contact page

Q: That seems like a lot of work.

A: …Then your band can play elsewhere? Not sure what else to tell you. The Contact page can be found literally at the top of the page we’re on right now.

Q: And I thought I was the one with the attitude…

A: Alright, I see what you mean. But yea, they can go there and get all the information they need.

Q: Awesome. What about, you said, open mic nights?

A: Yea, there’s Open Mic on Tuesdays, comedy on Wednesdays, and Trivia on Sundays. Check out our homepage for all of that stuff.

Q: Whoops, must’ve missed that

A: Whoops indeed.

Q: I have a dog that I like to bring with me to places. Is the Now pet-friendly?

A: Yep! We let leashed dogs hang out with our human folk all the time! I will say that during show nights it gets pretty loud and some dogs don’t like that. Choose when to bring your pet wisely.

Q: Noted. Could I bring a snake?

A: Nah, we’d rather not have to deal with that. Let’s just stick to simple pets like dogs.

Q: I see. My poor snake can’t go anywhere these days

A: Tell me about it.

Q: Well, his name is Pancake and he gets so lonely in his cage and-

A: It’s a figure of speech. I don’t actually care.

Q: Nice, treat your future customers that way…

A: You’re the one with a snake named Pancake.

Q: Well at least he’s nice!

A: Do you have any other questions or do you want to just argue with me?

Q: Well if I bring my dog, will there be hearing protection provided for him?

A: No.

Q: But they do make earmuffs for dogs.

A: … Nuh-uh.

Q: Yea-huh! Look at

Untitled document   Google Docs

A: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww- Still no.

Q: Okay, I tried. That’s really cute though, right?

A: It is and you should totally buy that for your dog.

Q: Maybe… Anyways, your venue sounds pretty cool and I’d love to check it out sometime. Where are you guys?

A: Click the Location tab at the top of this page and our address is right there, plus a picture of the front of the building for reference.

Q: Cool. Hey, I think that’s all I have. Thanks for all the info; this was super helpful!

A: I’m glad it was!